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Yumi Zouma - Truth or Consequences
Anna Burch - If You're Dreaming

"If You’re Dreaming is a somnambulant record, drifting from dream to restless dream and buoyed by Burch’s patient melodies and glassy voice." - The FADER

Post Animal - Forward Motion Godyssey

"...the group’s versatility is on full display. If [single "Schedule"] is any indication, 2020 is sure to be the year of Post Animal." - Uproxx

of Montreal - UR FUN

"UR FUN is one hell of a party." - Paste

Squirrel Flower - I Was Born Swimming

“Squirrel Flower makes ragged and raw guitar rock featuring the infectious songwriting of Ella Williams.” - NPR

"With its scuzzy guitar and gentle percussion, it’s the dreamy, discombobulating sound of Lana Del Rey cosplaying Pavement. [Squirrel Flower's] debut album, I Was Born Swimming, creates a feeling of intoxicating languor.” - The Guardian

Anamanaguchi - [USA]

"Delicious, video-game goodness...that will also make you emotional.” - The FADER

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