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Polyvinyl x Stay Home Club

The Polyvinyl x Stay Home Club collaboration features seven patches and pins designed by SHC founder Olivia Mew and inspired by lyrics from Xiu Xiu, Jeff Rosenstock, Palehound, Owen, Post Animal, and Beach Slang.

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American Football - Year One Demos

As American Football’s seminal debut album turns 20 this year, we're celebrating with a collection of newly mastered and previously unreleased instrumental demos (limited edition, one-time pressing).

Anamanaguchi - [USA]

"Delicious, video-game goodness...that will also make you emotional.” - The FADER

Chris Farren - Born Hot

Farren is 50% of Antarctigo Vespucci (alongside Jeff Rosenstock), 50% of Astro Blast (podcast with Tancred's Jess Abbott) and 100% HOT.

Vivian Girls - Memory

"One of the silver linings of 2019 has been witnessing Vivian Girls prove they were, quite clearly, ahead of their time...A wonderfully bittersweet return to the group's signature lovesickness." - Pitchfork

Jay Som - Anak Ko

"Melina Duterte writes jangly and emotionally-complex guitar-pop as Jay Som…[her] swirling guitars and sweet pop melod[ies] hit the mark..." -NPR

New in the Non Polyvinyl Shop

These records and more can be found in our Non-Polyvinyl Shop, a mini-store filled with albums and goods we didn't release (but love anyway).