Celebrating 25 years of Deerhoof - remastered versions of their first 3 albums out today!
Celebrating 25 years of Deerhoof - remastered versions of their first 3 albums out today!
Posted 11/22/2019

National treasures and unruly-pop pioneers Deerhoof are a quarter of a century old! To celebrate their 25th year as a band, the three labels most closely associated with their career have partnered together to release newly remastered versions of Deerhoof's first three CDs on vinyl for the first time. In addition to Holdypaws (Kill Rock Stars) and Halfbird (Joyful Noise), Polyvinyl presents The Man, The King, The Girl – the band's debut full-length, re-mastered by drummer Greg Saunier. All three albums are available everywhere today!

In honor of the special occasion FLOOD Magazine shared a feature interview with band members Greg Saunier and Satomi Matsuzaki about Deerhoof’s storied past & present –

"Critics have generally described Deerhoof as growing more approachable with time, but with the band’s vinyl reissues of debut album The Man, the King, the Girl, sophomore LP Holdypaws, and third album Halfbird (all of which have been remastered for the occasion), Deerhoof is here to set that notion ablaze.

“For us, it was very much about music and not anti-music,” Saunier says of the band’s first three albums. Although the reissues may at first cast Deerhoof as a band formerly interested in solely noise… Saunier insists there’s not a huge difference between then and now. “Any of our records are as melodic as the others,” he says. The reissues seemingly fossilize a noisy, thrillingly haphazard early era."

While Deerhoof retained the unrestrained creative freedom of the noise genre, they embraced the structured songcraft of pop music. “Deerhoof sort-of picked up right when Nirvana ended and we felt like a grunge band or a rock band,” Saunier shares. “We never fit well in the noise scene. We'd come out and have melodies, and it would go to a chorus, and we'd have cute lyrics about animals and flowers and stuff. But the reality is we didn't fit well on any kind of pop bill either, our music was too chaotic.” Deerhoof’s strikingly individual sound may have been an impediment during the group’s early years, but it propelled the band to international notoriety all the same.

The band returns to Brooklyn in January with support from Sloppy Jane & Gold Dime. Tickets onsale now:

  • 01/28 - Brooklyn, NY @ Elsewhere