"All hail the return of Vivian Girls" - Memory, their first album in 8 years is out today!
Posted 09/20/2019
"Thank god. Vivian Girls are back, and not a moment too soon." -MTV

"Across 12 tight songs, the reunited band sticks to the formula - girl-group DNA with a feminist-punk edge - that made it stand out in the post-riot grrrl, male-dominated, late-aughts indie era, and helped clear the path for the current bounty of female-driven DIY rock." -The New York Times

"One of the silver linings of 2019 has been witnessing Vivian Girls prove they were, quite clearly, ahead of their time... A wonderfully bittersweet return to the group's signature lovesickness." -Pitchfork

“Vivian Girls’ sound is still a hodgepodge of all their musical touchstones, indecipherable beneath the haze, continuously confronting and morphing into something much, much grander.” - Vulture

"A worthy addition to the legacy that Vivian Girls have already established... The band is as good as they ever were, and maybe even a little better." -Stereogum

"All hail the return of Vivian Girls... impossible to listen to only once." -Jezebel

"Memory captures a sense of desperation and longing... a frenzied, strong return to the band's familiar jangle-pop instrumentation, fleeting, twisting harmonies and dark lyricism." -Paste Magazine

During their initial run as a band, Vivian Girls were a band of outsiders for outsiders. They were the band that made the punks feel like they could sing harmonies and pop fans could get in touch with their anger. Cassie Ramone's lyrics alternated between love, loss and rage. They were heart-on-their-sleeves romantics in one breath and a spiraling explosion of feedback in the next.

While a reunion record titled Memory may conjure images of a band waxing nostalgic about the halcyon days of yore, Vivian Girls' newest record is anything but a pleasant reminiscence. The latent darkness that always haunted their records is on full display upon their return.

With Ramone and Katy Goodman on board, Ali Koehler re-joined the band and the trio began playing together again during the spring of 2018, keeping the practices a secret and enjoying the simple communion of playing together. By fall, the members of Vivian Girls were ready to enter the studio and over the course of two sessions in mid-September and Halloween week, Memory was recorded with producer Rob Barbato (Kevin Morby, The Fall).

Order your copy of Memory now from the Polyvinyl Store on 180-Gram Maroon. Nab a Cassie Ramone-designed Ace of Wands shirt and tarot deck. Please note that during the band's September recording session there was a waxing moon in Scorpio/Sagittarius with sun in Virgo – while the October session had a full moon in Taurus and sun in Scorpio. Watch the official video for "Memory," featuring footage from many, many moons ago.

Also out today are the reissues of Vivian Girls' critically-acclaimed first two albums - Vivian Girls (2008) and Everything Goes Wrong (2009). The band's self-titled debut album (which Pitchfork granted Best New Music upon its release in 2008), has also been re-mastered by Heba Kadry.

Tickets for Vivian Girls' upcoming fall tour are onsale now:

  • 10/03 - Ventura, CA @ The Tavern *
  • 10/04 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Regent #%
  • 10/05 - Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction #%
  • 10/06 - San Diego, CA @ Casbah #%
  • 10/17 - Brooklyn, NY @ Warsaw ^
  • 10/18 - Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church $^
  • 10/20 - Somerville, MA @ Once Ballroom $^
  • 10/25 - San Francisco, CA @ The Chapel #
  • 10/26 - San Francisco, CA @ The Chapel #
  • 11/01 - Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle ^
  • 11/02 - Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle ^
  • 11/03 - Denver, CO @ Marquis Theater
* w/ Sweet Reaper, # w/ Great Grandpa, % w/ Reckling, ^ w/ Young Guv, $ w/ Empath